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Collaborative MBA: Important Access Information

An integral part of the Collaborative MBA program is being able to access the electronic resources at any of the four institutions’ libraries. This page explains the process for accessing electronic resources, whether at Bluffton, CMU, EMU, or Goshen.

Access to Electronic Library Resources

All students will be registered as a student at one campus, i.e., their home campus. Students will be able to access resources at their home library just as any other student at that campus would.

In addition, all Collaborative MBA students will have access to the electronic resources at the other three libraries (with occasional exceptions) using a generic login which will be provided in program documentation. 

Note: To access Goshen's resources, students should use the same login credentials they use to access the Collaborative Moodle page. YOU MAY GET A REJECTION NOTICE THE FIRST TIME YOU LOGIN; REPEAT THE LOGIN AND YOU SHOULD BE GRANTED ACCESS.

Faculty teaching in the program, as well as selected administrators and library staff, will also be using the generic login to access resources at non-home libraries.

Accessing Bluffton Databases from Off-Campus

For Bluffton students, faculty, and staff, nearly all of Bluffton's research databases can be used wherever internet access is available.

You may be asked to confirm your status as a Bluffton user by providing your last name (first and last name will NOT work) and the barcode number from your Bluffton ID card (all 14 digits, beginning with 21195).  Ask us if you need help locating this information.

Test your barcode here

Help for Off-Campus users guide

Need Help? Ask Us!

Unsure about what you're reading here?  Visit our Need Help - Ask Us page and connect with a Bluffton librarian who can help you understand.