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Collaborative MBA: Important Access Information

Access to Electronic Library Resources

An integral part of the Collaborative MBA program is being able to access the electronic resources at any of the three institution’s libraries. This page explains the process for accessing electronic resources, whether at Bluffton, EMU, or Goshen.

All students will be registered as a student at one of the campus, i.e., their home campus. Students will be able to access resources at their home library just as any other student at that campus would.

In addition, all Collaborative MBA students will have access to the electronic resources at the other libraries as well. For example, a student registered at Bluffton will be able to access research databases at Goshen and EMU.  

For students to access the resources at Bluffton, Canadian Mennonite and Bluffton there is a generic username and password to use when you need access resources that are not at your home library

If students want to access GOSHEN's resources, they will have access using the same login credentials they use to login into the Collaborative Moodle page.

The login process will vary depending on where you are a home student, and which institution’s resources you’re trying to access. For example . . .

An EMU student would use their Royal username and password to access EMU resources through the EMU tab or library web site.  If EMU students need to use a resource only provided by Goshen or Bluffton they would need to use the CMBA login information provided at orientation or contact the EMU library staff to get that information. 

Why should you use the home login at your home institution? You can actually use the generic login to access a resource at your home institution. But using your home library’s login information allows you to take advantage of the full benefits at your home library.  We recommend using your home institution's log in and only using resources from other schools as needed.


The generic login is for library electronic resources only, at any of the three libraries. It is not for any other network or resource access (such as for Moodle).

Some Bluffton resources (e.g. an ebook found in the Bluffton Catalog or in WINDOW) may take you to an OhioLINK authentication screen where you will be asked to select your institution. Choose Bluffton from the dropdown list and click on Submit. The next screen will then ask you to enter your last name and barcode number. Here you will enter your generic CMBA login information.

The generic login will be changed annually, but don’t worry, you should receive that information at the appropriate time.

Faculty teaching in the program, as well as selected administrators and library staff, will also be using the generic login to access resources at non-home libraries.