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Library Services for Faculty: Linking to library resources in Moodle

Why Link

If full-text is available why shouldn't I just download the PDF and place that in Moodle?

Linking is a more acceptable way to provide students access to library resources.  You may violate copyright and Library contracts with database providers by downloading an article to be placed in Moodle.

Linking also provides better usage statistics to library resources and helps your students better understand how to use library resources.

How to link

For as many database providers as EMU uses, there are as many ways to link.  Each database provider has its own way of providing stable URLs.  For most databases you will not use the URL in your browser.

If you have students who will need to access resources off-campus, you will need to include the proxy server address in front of any stable URL.


Where to find persistent/stable links

EBSCOhost databases - look for the Permalink on the right side of each record. 

Ebscohost databases include the proxy server information so students from off-campus can access resources as well.

JSTOR - Look for the "Stable URL:" at the top of each article record

Films on Demand - look for the "Embed/Link" under the title of the video and select Record URL to copy into Moodle. 

PsycNET - look for the DOI, click on it and use the URL in the browser.  The DOI can be found on the brief citation page or in the citation on the page for each article.



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