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Library Services for Faculty: Ordering Library Materials


Faculty can search and submit requests through GOBI.

Please contact Audrey Shenk for a username and password.

Choice Reviews

Faculty can search and read reviews of over 200,000 non-fiction academic books.

By creating an account faculty can save items, set up alerts and sync with Gobi to order material.

Choice is a publishing unit at the Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.


Can faculty members recommend resources for the library?

  • The library staff welcomes your suggestions. In fact, many library purchases begin as faculty recommendations. Hartzler Library wants to purchase materials students are expected to use. If your own academic research requires items not appropriate for student use, please use Interlibrary Loan.

How can I request the purchase of an item?

  • You can request items using GOBI, a program supplied by GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO. Contact Audrey Shenk for information on how to access this program. It will require a user name and password which Audrey must set up. More information on using GOBI is here.
  • You can also request items by sending an email to Audrey Shenk.
  • The library subscribes to Choice Reviews Online, current reviews for academic libraries. We recommend that you create (from an EMU campus computer) a personal login so that you can create lists, set up email alerts, and submit requests directly through GOBI.

How do I know when my request has been ordered?

  • All ordered items will display in Sadie, the online catalog. Once the order has been placed with the vendor, items will have a designation of On order; when the item is received by the library, the Availability changes to In process
  • In process materials are available for checkout. You may contact Jennifer Ulrich about In process materials. Generally In process materials can be made available for use within 24 hours of a request. Newly processed materials are placed on the “New Book Shelf” on the main floor of the library.

Should I order a book in print or an ebook?

  • At this time this is a matter of preference.  Purchasing ebooks for libraries is very different than for personal use.  We typically purchase from a 3rd party vendor and often have to pay more for single and multiple users.   Programs with online classes or those who meet on campus infrequently might consider ebooks.  Contact the library if you have questions about ebooks.  


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