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Journal Articles

Journal articles are generally listed in databases, or indexes.  The education databases will be the most helpful in finding articles in these areas of study.  Databases provide access to full-text articles, or simply a citation or article abstract.  For articles that are not available in full-text, use interlibrary loan (ILL) to request an electronic version of the article.

'A to Z' List

A to Z list- Searchable list of journal titles at the EMU library, either in print or online.


The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (US Dept. of Education).   ERIC is a bibliographic and full-text database of educational resources.  It provides citations to many scholarly education journals.   ERIC also provides citations and some full-text to grey literature.

Grey literature are resources that are not easily found through library catalogs and databases.  Diverse in format, it ranges from informational materials, such as fact sheets and information briefs, to very substantive, rigorously researched and reviewed documents, including research syntheses, conference papers, and policy reports.

While EMU provides access to ERIC through a commercial database provider ERIC is also available to all through the ERIC website

Education Databases

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