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Education: EMU Lancaster Student Resources

Using Local Collections

Students at EMU Lancaster may want to use local library collections.

Please be mindful of these libraries' community use policies.  Many college and university libraries allow walk-ins but charge for borrowing privileges and do not provide interlibrary loan services or access to resources from off-campus for the community.

Students might consider using Access Pennsylvania to obtain books not owned by EMU.  Check with your local school librarian or local public library about  Access Pennsylvania.

Getting EMU items

Students from EMU Lancaster may request items from the Hartzler Library by using the "I Need Material" link in Sadie, the online catalog. 

Items will be shipped up via courier or mail.

Students may return these materials to EMU Lancaster for shipment back to Harrisonburg.

Some materials may not be available including items in the Historical Library.

Requesting items through Sadie

View a short video on Requesting items through Sadie.

Need Quick Time to view.