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Library 101: Accessing Resources Off-campus

Can I Access Resources Off-campus?

EMU can only provide access to licensed resources to current EMU students, faculty and staff.  

Off-campus users with a valid Royal username and password can access most of the library databases.

Access to Sadie is available to anyone; however, full-text content such as e-books and e-journals are restricted.

Here's How It Works...

The first time you want to search a licensed resource, such as Academic Search Complete or JSTOR, you will be asked to login to the Research Databases with your Royal username and password.

You are logging in through EMU's proxy server which provides authentication to EMU's resources.  You will find you continue to be authenticated for some time as you continue to use EMU library resources.  After a time of non-use or if you close your browser, you will be asked to login the next time you try to use a library resource.