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Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception Online

New Developments in Biblical Studies: Biblical studies have been very involved in the recent interdisciplinary dialog among the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Today, beyond the traditionally historical questions regarding the conditions and circumstances in which the Bible originates, inquiries into the reception of the Bible and the formative influence it has had on culture are drawing considerable attention among scholars.

Formation and Reception of the Bible: In response to these new developments, the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR) has been designed to pursue a twofold task. EBR offers a comprehensive and in-depth rendering of the current state of knowledge on the origins and development of the Bible in its different canonic forms in Judaism and Christianity. At the same time, EBR also documents the history of the Bible's reception in the Christian churches and the Jewish Diaspora; in Islam, in other religious traditions and current religious movements, Western and non-Western alike, as well as in literature, art, music, and film.

Indispensable Compendium of International Research: EBR is shaping scholarship on the Bible and its reception. Due to its wide scope and its innovative perspective on biblical reception history, EBR has moved into new terrain by not only analyzing the particular genetic background and the specific settings of individual biblical texts and concepts, but also by focusing on the countless, diverse religious, theological, aesthetic and cultural contexts in which the Bible has been received, interpreted, and exerted its influence.

EBR is a research tool for scholars in biblical studies and related fields but also useful to readers generally interested in the Bible. It is edited by a team of international scholars, all experts in their fields. EBR is published in English. The publication is scheduled to comprise thirty volumes in print spanning a 15-year period (2009–2024). The online edition contains the entire contents of the printed edition (currently volumes 1–17), as well as many articles ahead of print, and is updated quarterly.

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