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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Resources: EMU resources


The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI). From their website: “The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion works to develop and sustain a diverse and welcoming community of learning. It provides education and training on diversity and inclusion; proposes policies and supports practices that foster respect, equity, restorative justice, and dignity for every person”

Center of Justice and Peacebuilding

The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding: Located at EMU with almost 700 graduates in 78 countries the Center for Justice and Peace Building “educates a global community of peacebuilders through the integration of practice, theory and research.” It also houses the Summer Peacebuilding Institute and the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice.

Title IX at EMU

Ttle IX Resources at EMU: From their website: “EMU's policy is to reduce or eliminate barriers to educational opportunity caused by sex discrimination. We are committed to a “prompt and equitable resolution” of student complaints of sexual and gender-based harassment and discrimination whether education is being conducted in person or remotely through online platforms.”

Center for Interfaith Engagement

The Center For Interfaith Engagement. From their website: “The Center for Interfaith Engagement (CIE) at EMU promotes collaboration among religious and nonreligious scholars and practitioners; provides education in our principles and practices, and creates a safe space for developing authentic relationships and mutual understanding both between and within communities. CIE partners with people and organizations for interfaith education and service to promote a more just and peaceful world.”

EMU Counseling Services

EMU Counseling Services: From their website: “Student mental health is the priority of EMU’s counseling center. We seek to serve EMU students with the resources available to us, including knowledge, skills and staffing available to us. We are committed to student care and will provide outside referral options if necessary to provide the best student care available.” We have also included elsewhere a list of mental health services specifically for persons who identify as black.