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Social Work: Articles

Research tips

Select a database that is relevant to your area of research (i.e. international vs. psychology vs. minority studies), then use it to search for key words, phrases, or topics that you want to know more about. 

Still stuck?  Popular key words for social work topics about diversity, populations at risk, and issues related to social work include (but are not limited to!):

  • age, aging, and youth
  • class, stratification
  • color, race, and ethnicity
  • culture
  • disability
  • gender, gender identity, and gender expression
  • immigration status
  • political ideology
  • religion
  • sex, sexual orientation
  • social policy, social welfare
  • medicaid, medicare, and health care

You can always ask the library staff or your professor for more ideas.

Social Work Databases

Search for Open Access articles

Journal Articles

Journal articles are generally listed in databases, or indexes.  The social work databases will be the most helpful in finding articles in this area of study.  Databases provide access to full-text articles, or simply a citation or article abstract.  For articles that are not available in full-text, use interlibrary loan (ILL) to request an electronic version of the article.

Additional Databases