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Why is citing references so important?

Citing references lets the reader know who's ideas you are using when you research and write about a topic.

When you write an academic paper you join in a conversation with other scholars.

It is considered plagiarism if you do not properly give credit for another's work in your writing.  In some cases this may lead to a failing grade.  

There are multiple citation styles, your professor may want  you to use a specific style and may tell you that in the syllabus. At EMU we teach APA style in College Writing but other classes might use MLA, Chicago or CSE.   Some disciplines use a particular style and even some journals have their own way to cite references.  Make sure you know which style you need to use.


EMU Writing Program

The Writing Program at EMU promotes excellence in writing across disciplines and advances EMU’s faith mission by building community, promoting cultural awareness, and motivating action through language. Students and faculty work together to develop writing that fosters creativity and effective communication.

For undergraduate students, the Writing Program operates out of the Academic Success Center on the 3rd floor of the Hartzler Library.

For Graduate Students, see the Graduate Writing Coach, on the main floor of Hartzler Library.